Thursday, October 7, 2010

When will You come

Father, when will You come and reveal to this world that You alone are all this world has ever or will ever need? When will this sinful, fallen world look to You and repent of their sins? You alone are the champion of Love and You alone are worthy of all our praise. When will you come and reveal that You alone sit on the throne?

We have forgotten to put You first in our lives. Instead, we now have money, jobs, cars, sports and so many other things that have taken up top spot in our lives. We to quickly forget that anything we have or get to do is a gift from You.

Lord, forgive me where I have placed other things above You and have taken You off Your throne. Forgive me for not completely surrounding everything over to You. Take control and grant me not a desire to serve You but a drive to serve You as well. Desire without action accomplishes nothing. Help me to link those two together to serve You completely with my whole life surrendered to Your will and to never forget that You are Lord of all.

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