Thursday, August 13, 2009

Return from Houston

So, the trip to Texas was great (except for the leaving my sister there part). Houston is an extremely fun city, also a very HOT city. We got to go spend a day down at Galveston and shop. Most of the shops are reopened but you can still see the damage from Hurricane Ike. One day we got to drive up to the Woodlands and visit some friends of ours from PB. We used to all go to church together. It was great getting to see everyone. The first few days of the trip Stacy just unpacked and we ran a lot of errands. We got to go visit a church that she might be attending. All in all we just had a great time hanging out and getting to see Houston. I cannot wait for a trip down there to visit...preferably once the weather has cooled off there and probably turned cold here.