Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sister moving to Houston

So, my sister is moving to Houston this coming week. Right now we live about 2o minutes from each other. When she moves it is more like 12 hours, either a really long car drive or quick 1 1/2 flight. I am so very excited for her because she has a amazing job that she will be starting down there in a few weeks. I am just going to miss her very much. She is my best friend and so much more. On a bright side, Houston is a fun place to visit and with her being there it gives me a great reason to travel there. I am sure this will take time to get used to and I will. Its just that I am sad right now.

We will drive her down there Thursday.

Week 1 Update and Start to Week 2

Week 1's habit went good. So, yea, I did it! Drank all my water each day. I will continue on with it and have started the next habit. Eating 5 small meals a day. No more than 300 calories each. This is supposed to help my metabolism to be buring all day and to continually burn calories. My energy level will stay high and I won't have spikes in energy or hunger all day. I actually am looking forward to this habit. Maybe with more energy the workouts will go better.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Commitment Week 1 Update

So, today is the end of day 4 and so far it is going pretty good. If I don't get all of my water in for the day, I am getting pretty close. The herbal cleanse is going very well. The fiber drink in the morning is a little difficult to drink down, but I have found a trick, mix a little drink package mix and a little extra water, make it extremely cold and it really isn't all that bad. Well, thats all for now on this subject. Will post more in a few days about how Week 1 concludes and the start of week 2.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Commitment

So, starting Friday, July 17th, 2009, I will be begin my new commitment to working out and eating right again. Just over a year ago, I had start that process and was seeing great results. Then I got bored with it because I stopped seeing such quick results. I have since learned that consistence is the key to success. I am hoping by posting about my successes, struggles and just everyday ups and downs with this commitment that maybe I might do better. I am planning on posting as much as possible.
Tomorrow I will begin with a 10-day cleanse to help prepare my body for the weight loss routine and exercise. Also, it will flush all the toxins in my body. The food routine that I will follow is called Commit 2 Fit. Basically, it teaches the 8 healthy lifestyle eating habits. So, with tomorrow being my start date, it will be my week 1 habit to practice. Drinking 12 servings of water for good hydration and to help keep the body flushing out toxins. Once I get that habit down, I start week 2 next Friday, July 24th.
My workout for tomorrow...I will get 30 minutes of cardio in and stretching. Eventually I will add in weight lifting and build up the muscle tone.