Thursday, July 8, 2010

Been a while.

So, I realized yesterday afternoon that I haven't written on my blog in a while. I think the reason I took a break was because I felt silly. Writing out all my feelings and not knowing whether anyone was reading it or not. Not knowing whether whoever was possibly reading agreed, disagreed, had comments, had suggestions and so on. But lately I have started to not care. This is really more for me to get out all the junk in my life, to layout all my thoughts whether they be random, about life, about my walk with Christ.

So much stuff has changed in these past few months. I am no longer in Bentonville anymore. I am going to get my masters starting this fall at Southwestern seminary in Fort Worth. People I thought would be true friends, ones who promised not to stop being my friend, have disappointed me and proved once again that there really are very few people who don't let you down. Why is it that we make empty promises? Don't we realize that empty promises always cause pain?

Lastly, I need to get in gear. I have a whole list of things that I need to get done but cannot seem to find the motivation to get them done. Why am I being so lazy? I need to start caring like I used to and start getting things accomplished. I need to start writing on here again more consistently and be accountable to myself.