Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Fall is in the air which means football games are in full swing, leaves are starting to change color, the temperatures are cooling down and stores are putting out fall/winter merchandise. It also means Homecoming for many colleges and high schools. My alma mater just had their Homecoming this past weekend and I got to go. While in town, Jonesboro, I drove around to look at the city and see how different it was or how familiar it was and that is when it hit me. Everything is constantly changing.

I drove around and realized that not only did Jonesboro look different but so did the campus. I think to often when we move away from somewhere we realize that we change or our surroundings change but forget that where we moved from still changes. Thats when I started thinking about how everything changes. Going to an alma maters' Homecoming ever so often helps remind us just how much things change. Sometime those changes are big and sometime they are small. Sometimes we see them coming and we either do not want them to come or we do. Sometime things change so slowly that we don't realize how things have changed until we look back and realize what is now different.

My point is this. Changes are a good thing and maybe one or two are bad but we have to learn to accept things. Whatever the change, chances are it won't change back. Once you realize how good the change is, would you really want it too? I did not want to change my life back after the biggest change in my life so far took place.

I have never really been too big a fan of change and one big change in my life 20 months ago changed all of that. I thought I had found the job that would be my career and the place where I would stay. Then on Feb. 9th, 2009, everything changed. There is that word again. I got laid off and my life as I knew it would never be the same and now I can say that I don't want it to ever again. Oh, there have been many days filled with sadness, tears, anger and confusion but healing has been taking place and now the new direction my life is headed is wonderful. In fact, I would not even have this new opportunity in my life now were in not for this unexpected change in my life then.

Now, all that to say this. My one unchanging constant and the one unchanging constant in this world is God! He was the one who got me through all of this and continues to guide me through this amazing journey that I am on. Whether your changes were/are expected or unexpected, stop and think what is it that God is trying to show you or move you towards. Also, look around you and take in all the changes that are happening today in your life and around your life. You might be surprise at just how much change is taking place that you do not even think about or notice.

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